Spark of Hope Planner (Physical)


(Ideas were meant to be put into action)

Spark of Hope Planner Designed To Help You Live A Truly Happy and Fulfilled Life:

Incorporate peace and well being to your mind, body and spirit. 

Organize and prioritize to accommodate a  work-life balance. 

Know where your money goes, pay bills on time and even save money while spending wisely.

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“Spark of Hope” Planner.
WHEN THE WORLD SAY’S “give up”! HOPE SAY’S “try  it one more time”
Do You Feel That You Need More Than 24 Hours Per Day?  Yes!

Everyone knows someone that works full time, eats a healthy meal, is physically fit, volunteers go grocery shopping, have a loving relationship, and even have free time for fun, and family members! This kind of people have the same 24 hours in a day as you.  Is this even possible you may ask?

Let me guess! You have tried various planners out there for your new goals but end up not using them the whole year. Planners out there are just plain simple and leave very important parts out the picture. Perhaps in those planners that you have used in the past have questions at the end of the month that are not useful and a waste of space.

Multitasking has become the norm although research has proven that we are not good at it we continue to do various things at any given time. Guess what? This is the main problem you are not focused and projects or errands just take longer than they should if you were doing only one thing at a time! I am very sure you can relate! 

Remember: The Body Achieves What The Mind Believes, Strive For Progress Not Perfection!

Self-care is a journey and each day is a blessing and or a challenge. Stay positive and look after yourself and those that you care about the most.  

Imagine being able to accommodate work-life balance which includes eating healthy, working out, and yet have time to relax and relax doing something you absolutely love for your self and with your family and friends.

If you feel that you need more than 24 hours in a day every single day.
If you feel that you either take care of work-related tasks but then forget about other tasks with your family, and do not eat healthy meals but fast food which is unhealthy.
You do not sleep enough hours every night trying to keep up with your responsibilities.
Yet you live paycheck to paycheck and do not have enough money.

You have come to the right place!!!

There is a way you can enjoy a productive balanced life. While taking care of your commitments, errands and family functions, meetings and more. Do not let things get worse.

What most people do when facing a high number of tasks that need to be done during any given day or week.

Wake up in the morning thinking you have the overload of work under control by writing your grocery notes on one list, your bills to pay on another list, places to call on another list.
Yet there are no priorities on what needs to be done first with so many distractions that we encounter on any given day and your different lists of to do just get longer and longer.
As a result, you end up needing to stay up late to finish the tasks on your to-do list. Little sleep often leads to weight gain and when you look at yourself in the mirror all you see is a stressed person.
Stress leads to a weaker immune system and there come the health issues. Meanwhile, the overload of work still needs to be completed you just end up achieving less.

And what happens if you do nothing? If you just keep doing what you have been doing? You will just continue to be unfocused feeding distractions without concentrating on your high valued work. Your life can become a mess by focusing on the wrong priorities.
What is Inside our
“Spark of Hope” 

Calendar Reference
Calendar Reference as a guide to fill your (year at glance page) see picture below.

Year at Glance
This year at glance is undated so you will need to use the (calendar reference) to fill it out.

Holidays is also a reference you can use when filling in the dates for your planner.

Bill Payment Reminder

​​Keeping track of your monthly total expenses is a good way to be organized.
A great way to identify any spending issues out of the normal range that can be cut to save more.
As simple budgeting page.

Birthday Reminder

​​With so many errands it may be difficult to remember family and loved ones birthday but

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 2 in
Size, Binding, Material

Cover Size: 11×9 Inches
Pages Size: 11×8.5 Inches
Binding: Spiral coil in black color
Cover Material: Crystal Clear 10ML


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