Buy Me A Coffee + Make A Difference.

A quick method to express gratitude. With Buy Me a Coffee + Make A Difference, giving is enjoyable and simple.

Where do All Proceeds of Buy Me A Coffee + Make A Difference will go into?

10% of All Proceeds will go into a separate savings account to Start a 501(C)(3) Organization that will serve the main goal to:

Firstly, get all abandoned special needs children from Ukraine out of orphanages and into a loving forever family who wishes and are willing to adopt but can’t afford the process costs. Before it’s too late and the children pass away from violence, neglect, and isolation. 

Therefore shut down orphanages completely and end the system that continues to encourage parents to give their disabled child up to the state.  


A: Find: the forever parents who are eager to be those little one’s everything to each special needs orphan from Ukraine who is at the border or dying from neglect, lack of proper staff and care. (Although there are many organizations out there providing essential needs). This will include a legal commitment.


B: Fund, each special needs orphan cost and process. 

C: Hold The Forever Family Hand: These families would be guided through the process until the child is officially their son/ daughter.   

D: Check In: Periodically and give them informational support and any available resources they can benefit from to bring their new son or daughter to thriving. 

E: Get Each And All Ukraine Special Needs Children A Forever Family: Thereafter restart with the other Ukraine resilient orphanage children and restart the process from letter A to E and end the orphanages because every child deserves to thrive in a loving family and not be restricted.

Step By Step Process

Buy Me A Coffee + Make A Difference

Step-1: Finalize the drafted non-profit business plan in details. 

Step-2: Deciding the type of nonprofit 

Step-3: Name the nonprofit, Create social media accounts. Create a website domain and hosting. Get the appropriate software to run it effectively. 

Step-4: Form a Board + Volunteers (PS: Who knows maybe you can become part of this unique purpose.) I need your help, send me a message…

Step-5: Write the Bylaws 

Step-6: File incorporation paperwork 

Step-7: File for 501(c)(3) tax-exemption 

Step-8: Ensure ongoing compliance 

Step-9: Get Dedicated Donations, and Accounts.  Where 100% proceeds will go into the main non profit cause accordingly.

PS: Every child will have a stable home and a loving family thanks to your efforts.

Who Am I?

I’M Yaritza and, my mission is to produce a significant change in your life by enabling blessings in the midst of mountains that will challenge you to accomplish big things. 

Living Well Laugh Often founder of a supportive and generous paid private community that enables you to create a strong and healthy body to have firstly more energy. 

A place where you are not alone, where you get to nurture your emotional well-being and safeguard against emotional burnout. 

Confidently make real time for the things you want, people, and activities that are most important by rearranging your priorities step by step. 

PS: Also 10% of all proceeds goes towards (the way your seed makes an impact as explained above). “Forever Loving Family”

If you are a

CEO Women

Mom, or  

Female Entrepreneur 

There are more details on the next page after you give your seed if you would like to join as a founding member.